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I'm having a hard time figuring out a nap and overall schedule for DS#2. With DS#1, DH was deployed or in the field for most of his life, so he was on a really strict schedule so that I got enough sleep and me time (especially being PG). Now that DH is home, and I have 2 kids, that same schedule doesn't make sense. There is no way that both kids can get good naps all day in their beds, we'd never leave the house. DS#1 is a very active toddler, so we have to have a playdate or outing everyday so he can burn off some energy. I also can't spend the same amount of time with #2 as I did with #1 teaching self-soothing, etc. My oldest would destroy the house.

How do you ladies do this so that both/all kids get enough sleep, but you're not trapped in the house, and there's still a little structure in their lives?

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Re: Naps/Schedules

  • We would get out in the morning.  DD2 would have to nap in the car/ergo/stroller for her morning nap.  I was always home in the afternoon, so DD1 could take her nap.  I would put her down first and then put DD2 down (or let her nap on me).
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  • We are doing the same thing as PP. obviously DS2 is very young still so things will change along the way.

    Right now we get out each morning, DS1 has to get some energy out so we try and do something each morning. DS2 naps in the carseat, my


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