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How many pizzas for 30-40 people?

We will also have fruit, chips, & wings...

And would you make a salad too?

It's for dd's bday party.

Re: How many pizzas for 30-40 people?

  • 6 pizzas?  That's like 2 per person right?   I would make salad because I think it goes with pizza.
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  • I would say atleast 10 large that gives 80 slices but if you have bigger eaters then I would do a couple extra
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  • Um, a lot!


    I guess figure 3 pieces per person (fewer for kids, I suppose), and plan for leftovers.

    I would definitely make a big, simple salad, too.  

  • I am guessing 8-10 slices per pizza and since you are having fruit, chips and wings I would estimate and little less then 2 slices per adult so maybe 6-8 pizzas?
  • I'd say 8-10 pizzas, depending on how they cut it.  8 slices per pizza = 64 - 80 pieces. 
  • I've found that for parties with a lot of people, it's best to have them cut the pizzas into squares instead of slices--it stretches further. You could probably get away with 5 that way.
  • I would figure 3 pieces per person (because the guys will prob have more and the kids will have less)  However, my dd will eat 2-3 slices herself at 2 years old!  Then I would buy 2 trays more.  You can always freeze them and have them for leftovers later!  I would def do a salad also.
  • We had about 30-40 people at DS's birthday party and had 10 large pizzas.  I think we ended up with a few extra pieces left, so it was the perfect amount.


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