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Whooping Cough Vaccination

I have been seeing a very interesting PA the last several weeks during my pregnancy.  I have had multiple problems with her throughout this time.  Today, I asked to receive the whooping cough vaccination - after she first told me wrong information about receiving the shot, and insisting I fill out paperwork about the flu shot rather than the paperwork for the whooping cough shot we were finally on the same page.  
The nurse came in to administer the shot and told me it was going to hurt really badly.  I hate shots and I turned the other way.  I never felt a thing, not even a poke! She said I didn't need a bandaid and sent me on my way.  My question is - shouldn't I feel like I got a shot?  Everything I've read says the TDaP is one of the most painful shots and I should be sore for several days.  Like I said, I feel nothing, can't tell where it was can't see anything... Did I get the right shot!?

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  • That IS kinda weird...I would think you should feel SOMETHING with ANY shot. My last TDaP a few years ago wasn't terrible (not as bad as many describe), but I certainly did have some soreness for a few days.
  • Nahhh, you're ok. I can tell you from personal and professional experience I'm a nurse that it all just depends on the person who gives the shot. I've had flu shots that were sore for a week and some that weren't among other types of shots. Tdap is not guaranteed to hurt don't worry, you'll be fine : Plus they are obligated to give you a pamphlet or a sheet if paper explaining the vaccination and possible side effects/risks did they give you the flu or the tdap? I know in my facility, the vaccination vile and info sheet get packaged together.
    I would, however, recommend you switch to a provider you feel more comfortable with. Hope this helps!
  • Also, please please PLEASE never hesitate to ask if you are not sure about something there are no stupid questions in health care! I know it's hard but I can tell you I would much rather spend an extra 10min easing a patient's mind than have them leave uncertain. If they aren't receptive to your questions and concerns, then they aren't doing their job it is your and your baby's body, so you ask away!
  • I had mine a few weeks ago. The needle stick wasn't bad, but I definitely felt it for a few days after!
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