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Too late for Hypnobabies?

I am 34 weeks tomorrow and will likely be induced around 39 wks due to GD/DMT2.  I had an induced birth with my DS and needed an epidural because my pain level made my BP spike dangerously high.  My birth story is here, sorry not clicky   

If I don't go into labor on my own by 39 weeks this time, my plan is for a more natural induction: to try acupuncture, nipple stimulation, sex, foley bulb/catheter, membrane sweep and AROM if necessary.  (If there are any other methods I can add in, please let me know.)  I really would like to go pain-med free because DS had serious trouble with breastfeeding and I think that the physically rough induced labor combined with only being 38 wks gestation contributed to this.  My mother and DH were great coaches and assistants through labor last time or I would strongly consider a doula.  I have read a lot of natural birth stories and read/am reading books  (Ina May's and others) and feel I'm getting the gist of using mantras to help facilitate birth.  However, I feel it could all go out the window if and when those pitocin contractions would hit.  We are tight on money but I could swing purchasing the Hypnobabies course if I really was convinced it would help us birth without an epidural.  Is it getting too late for it to "sink in" when I could only use it about a month before baby needs to arrive?  My mom went at least 10 days past EDD with all three of us kids (was induced for my sister and swears she would never do it again) and my sister had her baby one day before due date but had to get pitocin for lack of progression.  Thanks! 

Re: Too late for Hypnobabies?

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    At some point I found this link on these boards:!/s/Untitled/2FuaYa?src=5

    It's the affirmations track from hypnobabies. It's not the full course, for sure, but I meditate on it in the bath and appreciate the positive

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     It took 1-2 weeks for my kit to arrive, and you are supposed to practice an hour+ every day from week 26 on. I'm not saying that it won't be helpful to you, but I don't think you would see the maximum benefits from only a few weeks of practicing. Es
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    The placenta "wears out" faster when you have diabetes and the risk of fetal demise is higher earlier than in a normal pregnancy.  This can be true even with well controlled BG.  It's similar to why OBs usually set the cutoff at 42 weeks fo
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    I can't say for sure if it would be too late for you, but I can say that hypnobabies is amazing and I love it. I think if you were to pick it up at this point, you'd have to have some serious dedication, and commit to doing the scripts and listening to

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    It might be hard to get it all in, but you can skip most of the reading material and focus on the hypnosis tracks.  Might also be a good idea to contact a hypnobabies teacher who offers the course to give you an accelerated version.  My hypnobab
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