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Oh... It's snowing?

Okay cool, we know it's snowing.. Now find that skinny pedal on the right.. I hate working on rental car row sometimes.

Re: Oh... It's snowing?

  • LOL... snow... that's half of why I left the cold part of the country!
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Yeah we had a nice mini-blizzard. They said we were supposed to have a blizzard last week. Hardly snowed 3 inches. They didn't say anything about one this week, and we get like 8 inches. Pfft.
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  • This winter was just foul...no other way to put it.  It actually snowed a bit here on Saturday and then it got to 70 on Sunday.  Gotta love/hate the upper midwest. 
  • No doubt, it's the same way here too. But it'll go from 70 all nice and sunny, to 30 and snowing in a couple of hours.
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