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Hello, FTM looking for Carmel daycare. Work at 116 Penn .
Looked at PrimRose, Heartland Hall Goddard. Nothing wrong with them but with what it costs I hate to know how little the workers make im paying for a logo. Would love go with a home daycare knowing the is really going to the caregiver the loving home environment.
Any suggestions appreciated!

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  • Lea-

     I'm new to this page as well, but I send my 7 month old to a newer home daycare, near 103rd and Penn, technically 103rd and New Jersey. How old is your child?  The owner has 2-3 additional babysitters, depending on the day. 

  • Thanks! Looking for full time care startin mid January for 5 m old. Just would prefer in home care versus commercial if we can find it.
    If u have a suggestion need more info I can message u my info.
    Thanks again!!
  • I don't know of any home daycares but we are going to Learning Time. There is one on Meridian. Congrats.
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