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bunk beds, opinions appreciated

So, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment and won't be moving until we buy a house next  year (summer/fall).  I am going to have LO in our room for the first few months, so that's all good.  But, when we move him/her to the other room (with his/her 2 siblings), I need to figure out how to fit the 3 of them in there.  My thoughts were to get a bunk bed for my 2 girls, and then that would leave lots of room for the crib as well as an area to play in.  What I need opinions on is whether or not my oldest will be old enough to be on a top bunk.  She will be about 4 1/2 when we would make the switch (dd2 will be 3 1/4).  Is that too young for a top bunk?  I'm a little worried she might fall out and hurt herself.  She doesn't fall out of her bed now, though.  She's in a twin bed that has a box spring, so she's already at least 2 feet off the ground, but a top bunk is most likely 4-5 feet off the ground.  I'm just not sure if the bunk beds is a good idea or not.  What are your thoughts?
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Re: bunk beds, opinions appreciated

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