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Does this mean he's not ready?

My DS will be three in the beginning of June. We adopted him in November and he was potty trained in his orphanage but we allowed him to regress while he went through the transition of coming home. Now, almost 5 months later, we put him on the potty at every diaper change and about half his diapers are dry. We get poops on the potty probably almost 7/10 times but only because we know his habits, not because he tells us.

We ask him several times throughout the day if he has to go poop on the potty, but he always says no. Sometimes we will ask him and he will say no but then go in his diaper just minutes later. After he goes he always tells us he has to go on the potty, but obviously it is too late.

What do you think? Would you take this as a sign that he's not ready or should I try a different tactic like a reward system?

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Re: Does this mean he's not ready?

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