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What type of food processor?

I apologize if this has already been posted but I searched and wasn't able to find anything. I have never attempted to make my own baby food before but I really want to do it with this LO. I have seen items online like the Baby Bullet but I am wondering, is it worth it to purchase the Baby Bullet or would it be more worth my while to purchase another food processor? Is a certain kind of food processor better for making baby food?


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Re: What type of food processor?

  • We use a Baby Bullet.
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  • I have a regular 12C KitchenAid food processor and I use it to make purees for DS.  It also comes with a smaller work bowl + blade if you want to make smaller batches.  DS never has an issue with chunkier purees anyway.  

    I use the FP for a lot of other things as well - making bread/pizza dough, gazpacho & pesto in the summer (I grow basil and I make enough pesto to last through the whole winter & spring), shred veggies/cheese etc. 

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  • I just used our regular food processor.  We have an 11 cup Cuisineart that I pretty much use for everything.  It did a good job of pureeing steamed veggies, I didn't have any chunks or anything.
  • I just used our blender.  It was easier for smaller amounts and less to clean than our 14 cup Cuisinart food processor.  FWIW, if you want a food processor for other things, Cuisinart consistently gets the best reviews.  They're pretty low tech, which is a lot of why they last.
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  • I have a Magic Bullet and I have a full size CuisanArt food processor.  I am finding that I like my regular food processor better than the Magic Bullet.  The MB just isn't powerful enough or big enough to do larger batches.  The only thing I've found the MB works better for is if I'm pureeing just 1 avocado. Otherwise my food processor works better.
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