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Interesting Article - Ramen Addiction

So I just saw this on Yahoo News

This girl is only 18 and has been eating solely Ramen for 13 years...WTF is wrong with her parents???  There is also a link to a video at the bottom that is pretty interesting; it shows video of inside the GI tract while eating different types of foods (processed and unprocessed).

And I'm definitely not a "no processed foods" person!!!  As I'm typing this I'm munching on dry Fruit Loops, and we do have Ramen in the pantry that DH likes to eat.  BUT this is all way to far.  I can't even imagine... 

Re: Interesting Article - Ramen Addiction

  • I read that too!  What parent would let their child only eat Ramen noodles??!!  I know some picky kids but that's ridiculous and sad.  Especially the part about her health being compared to an 80 year old! SAD!!
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  • Ramen noodles are nasty. I can't imagine not eating only one thing for years, but at least make it something that tastes good!

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  • Gross!  Here's one about a woman who will only eat white potatoes.  I guess at least that's got slightly more nutrition and a sh!tton less salt/MSG.

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