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Talking to LO

Fascinating article from the Times:


Do you narrate for your baby?  I find myself talking to him when we are out shopping (describing what we are looking at and looking for) and then feel self-conscious about other people overhearing me.  But after reading this I'm going to fully embrace the power of babble.  Now, if only LO would start talking back to me, but that's a whole other post . . . 

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Re: Talking to LO

  • yep I narrate to DS all the time in the car, the store, making dinner, walking the dog etc. People probably think I'm insane but I don't care. not that he says more than 'eh' and 'uh' but I still do it.
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  • Wow what a difference in how much people talk to their children!  I talk to my baby when we're out also.  He has spoken anything real yet but babbles a lot.
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  • We talk with/to DD all the time, and have since she was born. She has a ton of words and can follow quite a few spoken directions easily as well.

    Fwiw, as a kindergarten teacher and a parent I love hearing parents talk to their babies. It

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  • I have always talked to my kids.  And not because I think it's important, but I feel lonely not talking to them when we are out. 
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  • We talk to DD all.the.time. Since she was born. And I never thought that would happen as I get embarassed easily, but I coudln't care less what people think. I talk to her in public all the time. We laugh and sing all the time, too LOL

    And she

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