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Need to fix sleeping situation-need suggestions.

 When we planned to have DS the plan was for us to have moved into a larger house by the time he was 1.5-2 yrs old so until that time he would be in our room. However, DH has had a few job losses in the past few years including more recently (has been working again for 2 months) so it will probably be 6 mths to a year before we move.

Our current sleeping situation is this. My DD and SD share a room when SD is here, my two SS's share a room when they are here and DH, me and DS share our room. DS's crib is set up in our room but we could never get him transitioned into it. I converted it to a toddler bed hoping that might be an incentive to him as a "big boy" bed but it has not happened. In other words, we are stuck in co-sleeping h3ll right now. DS is all over the bed and we only have a queen so DH or I get kicked or hit or headbutted multiple times a night.

How on earth do we get him to sleep in his bed? I co-slept with my DD when she was a baby but then it was an easy transition to a big girl bed because she had a different room. DS can just get down and come climb in bed with us and at this rate he won't even fall asleep in his own bed. We move him there (if he falls asleep before us) but the problem is that he is a horrible sleeper and rarely falls asleep until we do. We need a new game plan because I really feel like he needs more sleep as well. He is not very good at self soothing and was the type that never took a pacifier and has no attachment to a stuffed animal or blanket to take to bed with him. He will be 3 next month.

Any suggestions?


Re: Need to fix sleeping situation-need suggestions.

  • Can you move his bed against your side of the bed? That we he can be right next to you but in his own bed. We were doing this with dd before we had moved and it helped a lot and for the most part she stayed in her bed. 

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  • I wish we could do that but the problem we have is that our bed is a platform bed and has wood trim that sticks out a foot on all three sided. So I don't know a safe way to do that.

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  • How many bedrooms do you have?  I'm a little confused with the stepkids that are there sometimes and not other times.  Are there rooms that are empty when they aren't visiting?  Could you reconfigure the older kids somehow so that your D

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  • Ok, I can say that I added a  small fleece blanket under the crib sheet and that has helped. I guess I didn't think about the differences in the way the bed feels. Our mattress is a memory foam mattress so I'm sure it's quite different than the ha


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