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Thoughts? Anyone had it done? We are done and B has his consultation for his Vasectomy at the end of the month but, my OB said she really loves this option. Hmmm...

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  • I'm thinking you're talking about Essure. I asked about it about a year ago on here and asked some friends as well. My OB said they've done it but since it's still fairly new there are still some kinks. They don't really recommend it. Whatever you do, don
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
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  • Yes! ESSURE! I posted from my phone, ugh auto correct.

    Well, I googled and decided against it. Some of those stories were awful and it only being out just over five years freaks me out. That and when I brought it up to B he said he had this
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  • Grr. TB ate my post. Anyway, I'm sure this will end up posting in duplicate, but I considered Essure too but the risks scared the sh!t out of me. My Mirena is due to be taken out in a few months and I'm trying to decide what to do after that. We are
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