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4 1/2 hours...

 XP from March 2013.

Connor Alexander was born 4/3 at 9:06am. He was 7lbs 1oz and 20 inches long. He was overdue by four days, but by the way he had cracked skin and wrinkles he may have been more overdue than expected.

The birth story:

Tuesday was a typical day for me, I didn't feel any different at all! At night I was laying down watching a movie and texting my husband who was still on his work week at the rig 6 hours away in another state. He asked how I was doing and I told him that the little one wasn't moving around a lot, but I still counted 10 kicks. I went to sleep that night not feeling anything either. Around 4:15am I woke up from a dead sleep because something popped. I have felt something similar to this before and asked about it and people have said it was your pelvis popping or something, so I didn't make much of it. I decided to get up because I had to go to the bathroom anyways. When I stood up, nothing came out.. until I bent over to pick up my pants. Suddenly a stream came out of me and I looked down like "what the hell?".. Because to be honest, your water breaking before you are in labor is kinda rare.. so I never really thought it would happen to me. Anyways, I didn't know if I just pee'd on myself without noticing (although I still needed to go), so I stuck my fingers in the puddle and smelled it... and I didn't smell anything. I wasn't having any contractions or anything either so I was still hesitent. If anyone remembers some of my posts you would know I live with my In-Laws until our house is built and my husband works on a rig one week on, and is off for a week. I texted him and told him to call me I think my water broke, if he didn't call I would call the rig to try and get a hold of him. At this time I woke up his parents and told them I thought my water broke, Mother-in-law got up and got ready to take me (My car is broke).

I still wasn't having any cramps as I got my stuff together... until I walked down the stairs. Bam! The first contraction.. so that is how they felt... It was somewhat strong as I had to hold my sides as it went through my body. My husband called me back and said he was on his way to the hospital now. I went to the bathroom and went pee... another stream of fluid came out afterwards and I had a contraction on the toilet (fun). I got into the car and we were on our way to the hospital. The drive to the hospital for me is an hour, for mother-in-law... it is an hour and a half lol. Anyways, by about 10 minutes into the drive my contractions were stronger.. and I timed them... something didn't add up and I thought maybe these weren't contractions because I timed them to be already 8 minutes apart. I called my husband and told him this and he said "I will never make it in time if that is true.." About 45 minutes passed since I left the house and my contractions were so bad I was keeling over in pain and they were about 6 minutes apart. I got into the ER and they directed me to L&D. I walked in and they tested to confirm it was amniotic fluid.

They asked me if I wanted an epidural and I said yes, so they started me on the IV fluids. They sent me to a labor room and my pain was so bad I could not do anything but focus on it. Mother-in-law was so sweet she asked if she could push on my back when the contractions came and so I agreed to try that out, and sure enough it made them a lot more bearable, still bad, but not to the point where I was crying out in pain. So at 6:00am, the nurses said the Anesthesiologists was tending to someone who may have been dying (Great, my luck in action). One other nurse said I was dehydrated so she wanted me to get another bag before I got the epi, she was squeezing the IV bag into me as fast as she could so I could possibly get the epi right as soon as the anesthesiologist was done with that emergency.. I was shaking violently while she was doing this, never before have I felt convulsions that bad, but it was from the room temperature liquid going inside me so quickly.

About fifteen minutes later my contractions were so bad, they checked me and I was 4cm. They said my husband had enough time to make it probably because first time mothers go into labor for a long time. My husband was about 2 1/2 hours away by this time. He was driving so fast apparently he made a 6 hour drive in three hours...I finished my second bag of fluid for the IV  around 7:30am and they said the anesthesiologist was still tending to that emergency and the nurse said "well, I will be at my desk.. if you need anything or feel any pressure buzz me.." and I yelled "I DO FEEL PRESSURE" and she said "Well I guess I can check you but it is normal to feel this amount of pain and pressure right now dear..."

She checked me "OH SH!T" she mumbled, "You're 9cm already" and the nurses were scrambling around getting the doctors. My mother in law was still in the room with me trying to get my husband on the phone to see where he was at this point. Never in my life have I been so close to passing out from pain, my little one was using my diaphragm to push down since he was still in my abdomen at this point. I felt like I was having a heart attack and a nurse was pushing his feet away from my sternum. Through all the mad rushing they finally got the anesthesiologist to my room... he told me that since I was already 9cm it may not help as much, but it only took 15 minutes for it to take effect so he would do it. He put it in.. and wouldn't you know? The epidural worked on my right side only... for ten minutes. At this point all I did was actually laugh in between contractions because this epidural fiasco was not worth it in the end, just created a giant blood bath on my back while I was delivering.

At 8:30am I told the nurse I needed to push, at that moment my husband ran into the room! I was so happy to see him, but in so much pain. The nurse said it was okay to start pushing so I did. At 9:06am they tried to make do that push 1,2,3.. etc.. but I pushed pass 10. The doctor told me to stop pushing (Mainly so he could get his gloves and scrubs on) and catch my breath but I couldn't stop pushing... like I literally tried to stop pushing but my body was like NOPE NOT LISTENING. Out shot Connor, like a cannon. My husband was like "There is his hea... whoa there he is hunny."

So all in all it was an interesting night. I did get a 2nd degree tear. One of the two doctors, the one who wasn't there said perhaps my epidural would have worked if I asked for it earlier... like as if I asked for it at 9cm. The nurse was like "She asked for it at 5am." I guess whether I liked it or not, I was going al naturale.


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