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Mother's Day

I was thinking about Mother's Day and realized that on my first Mother's Day my husband was cheating on me and on my second I was stressed out with paperwork for my divorce. This will be the first Mother's Day it will just be me and my two munchkins and almost no drama in the wings. I need to think of something special to do with my boys to celebrate. Anyone have any good plans for Mother's Day?
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Re: Mother's Day

  • I think I'll just buy myself a decent "mommy" necklace. My LO will only be 2-ish months, so no big plans. I might bake some cookies or something, but that's it. 
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  • I'm thrilled to be celebrating my 4th Mothers Day and will probably bring DD out for brunch with my parents, sister and her fiancee. I'm looking forward to it!
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  • that's sweet. :)  i hope you enjoy your mothers' days with your boys, whatever you do!
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