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April 1st Baby

Back pain, heartburn, having to slow down, yes, I complained about it all. But he?s finally here, my beautiful baby boy. What the heck am I doing? How did I think I was ever ready for this? Am I crazy? Okay, breathe. Just breathe. I am a mom. I will, for the rest of my life be a mom. Wow.

My little boy was due on March 27th, but true to his already emerging personality he arrived on April 1st. I started getting regular contractions on March 31st so at 4am my husband took me to the hospital. They monitored my contractions, which were 5 minutes apart, but because I was only 2cm dilated they had me walk for an hour. After the hour the contractions became irregular. I was so disappointed to be sent home. All I wanted was to meet my little man. At 7pm that night the contractions were back, but I waited until 10:30pm to make sure they weren?t going to disappear on me. At 10:30pm I hopped onto my treadmill and walked for an hour. The contractions lasted through the hour at a steady and increasing rate. At 12am on April 1st we made our second trip to the hospital. And this time I was admitted.

Due to chronic back pain and intense back labour I opted to get an epidural. After getting the epidural labour slowed and I was given oxytocin. Unfortunately my little man was sunny side up and his heart rate dipped a few times. My doctor had to break my water, which they found had meconium in it. They called the neonatal team and had them on standby during the delivery in case my little guy got any in his lungs. It was pretty scary to have so many people in the room. At this point I was also told that the possibility of a c-section was pretty high. Luckily I had a great team of nurses and an awesome doctor and was able to deliver vaginally.

When my son was born my husband cut the umbilical cord with a dive knife that he bought specially for the occasion. His plan is to give the knife to our son on his 18th birthday. The nurses said they?ve never had such a unique request.

Overall I had a great delivery, but I will say the recovery has been difficult. The doctor had to cut me twice and I tore once. Lots of stitches. Ouch. But the worst was April 7th, when my little man was only 6 days old. I got in the shower that morning and started gushing blood. It would not stop. I bled for several minutes and had to call my husband for help because I could feel myself losing consciousness. Luckily my parents were visiting so they took care of my little guy and my husband took me to the hospital. We spent all day in emergency. I had a very painful internal exam, blood tests and then an ultrasound. After 9 hours we were sent home and told to come back if it happens again. April 7th is our anniversary? at least we got to spend it together. Oh well. Here?s to hoping the worst of the recovery is over.

With all that happened my husband and I couldn?t be happier. We have a perfect, beautiful baby boy, Darius who we will love unconditionally for the rest of our lives. 

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Re: April 1st Baby

  • Wow, what a good story (not the bad parts, but just that the bad parts turned out good).

    When I got home from the hospital with DS, I over did it and hemorrhaged as well.  It was scary.  My advice is to take it easy and let yo

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