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Possibly silly FTM questions

So these may be silly questions, but just things I was thinking about and wanted to ask before I make my final registry purchases.

I plan to babywear and bed share and thus was not planning to buy a stroller, swing, bouncy, pack and play, etc. I have a wrap and figured I could use that when out and about and around the house getting things done. However, it just occurred to me-  what about dinner time? If Spouse and I sit down to eat together, is one of us eating while holding the baby or having her in the wrap? I'd probably drop food all over her! Would having a swing for her or a pack and play might be useful in that situation? Similarly, is it safe for me to be in the kitchen cooking with the baby in a wrap? Thinking about the flame from the stove and the heat from the kitchen in general (assuming that Spouse won't be home when I'm starting dinner so I'll be on my own).

...I may have more questions to come. TIA!  

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Re: Possibly silly FTM questions

  • I plan to babywear when feasible, but not all the time.  I still plan to purchase stroller, pack & play, etc. because I'm not planning on having baby on me 24/7 and there are household chores, showering, eating, etc. where it will be nice to have
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  • My baby only liked to be worn for naps. This "just wear that baby while you do housework!" business that I had been expecting was NOT my reality at all! So I had a bouncer and activity mat in the living room, and a cosleeper that lived in the kitc

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  • mb314mb314 member

    Here is my two cents:

    I baby wore for most of my maternity leave using my Moby and it worked great for me and DS.  He napped in it pretty much all day.  I ate all three meals (or let's face it

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  • Right now, I eat with baby either worn or sleeping on the Boppy in my lap. I second the recommendation for getting a bouncy seat and/or swing. Either would make my life a lot easier right now!
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  • Those are not dumb questions at all!  With my DD I tried to wear her as much as possible, but sometimes it wasn't always feasible and sometimes I just needed a break :)  I got a vibrating chair that she ended up really liking, and it was awes

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  • It's just not feasible to baby wear 100 of the time. I recommend getting a bouncer, a swing and a Rock n Play.

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  • O my goodness. I used to eat with DS in a wrap all the time and got food all over him, lol. I would just wipe it off and move forward! Now he is big enough to sit in his highchair with us at the table though. 
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  • You shouldn't cook while wearing baby in front, it's not safe.

    It's not feasible to wear your baby 100% of the time. Occasionally setting your LO down in a swing or bouncy seat or whatever is ok. I found the PnP completely useless.


  • imageJenny952:

     You'd be amazed at how difficult it is to load and unload a washing machine with a baby strapped to you! 

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  • You can do a lot with a wrap/carrier on, including cooking. Though I would say only do what you're comfortable with.

    As for a swing and bouncer, DS1 hated both, but DS2 used them a lot. I would get something like that off of Craigslist (or borro

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  • Not silly at all! I don't have a lot of space, and I was given a lot of carriers/slings (I have 7 different kinds) so I didn't want any of that stuff. My SILs said to get the bouncy seat, so we got that ahead of time, the rest we waited to see what kin

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  • My advice is to go with the flow.  I'm personally don't consider myself full-on AP but I did baby-wear and breastfeed and I believe in gentle parenting and all that jazz.

    You do not need a bazillion gizmos and gadgets prior to having a baby.

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  • I babywore a lot.  Especially around the house.

    BUT I still made use of the bouncer and pack n play.  In the earliest days, the little guy slept in the pack n play while we ate dinner.  Later I tended to eat while he napped or afte

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  • I babywore all the time, and plan to again, but for me a stroller is/was an absolute must. Long outings, like the zoo get tedious when your hauling around a baby + a diaper bag. Even if you wear baby most of the time, just having a stroller to keep stu

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  • I didn't have a choice but to eat while holding DD. She wouldn't have it any other way! Until she was old enough to sit at the table with us (around 6 months) DH had to cut up all my food for me so I could eat. DD would normally nurse throughout dinner

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  • I wore DD in the Moby a lot in the first 8-12 weeks but I still needed the bouncy seat for when I needed to set her down to do something. She was never into the swing but that was given to us by friends. Stroller has gotten some use when out and about. I
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  • When my daughter is first born she would stay in her carrier when we ate if she was sleepy, otherwise she would cry. There are quite a few times where I kept her in the Moby wrap while eating and it was a lifesaver. Honestly, I would also purchase other w
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  • My suggestion is to put a stroller, swing, and pack and play on your registry.  I consider myself to be pretty AP but I still got plenty of use out of these things.  I loved my Chicco travel system stroller because when DD fell asleep in the

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  • In the very beginning we used a pillow seat that boppy made, she would lay in it on the table while we were eating and on the floor while I was doing some chores, it was great and relatively inexpensive and got boat loads of use before she learned to roll
  • You are all awesome. Thank you so much for the detailed responses and all the advice! Some of these things I hadn't even thought about- like wanting to try on clothes at a store while wearing the baby! LOL. I feel much more confident about figuring this a
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