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Moving to Athens, GA

Hi Ladies, 

 I am 16 weeks in my 1st pregnancy. I am moving to Athens in June. I don't know anyone, nor do I know much about the area/OBGYN. 

I would LOVE LOVE some recommendations for good OB's and Peds. I am nervous and excited about the move!

I appreciate any help! :) 

Re: Moving to Athens, GA

  • Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with your move!  You might find someone that has experience living in or maybe has relatives in Athens, but it's a good 1-1.5 hours away from metro Atlanta so I don't there there are a lot of moms from Athens on here.  You might try city-data message boards?  They're not baby-specific but people ask all types of questions on there so I'm sure someone could help you with OB/pedi recs.
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  • Thank you for your response. Hopefully I'll be able to get some help!
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  • Hi! I grew up in Athens and my parents still live there. Dr. Morrison and Dr. Hendrix were my pedis growing up. I used to go to Dr. John Elder OB, but he may have retired now. I can ask my mom about the OBs in Athens and get back to you.

    Definitely check out the calzones at Depalmas when you move! Of you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
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  • We go to Dr. Sprayberry in Watkinsville and a good friend of mine goes to Dr. Murthy in Athens. She and I are both very happy with our choices.

    I don't have an OB rec. Mine is in Monroe. 

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  • I loved Women's Healthcare Associates on Hawthorne. Meredith, the midwife, delivered my daughter but I really liked all of the doctors and nurses. I switched to them right at my third trimester from Athens ObGyn on Prince and had no regrets. I wish I had changed earlier. I was high risk and felt that I was in great hands. If we hadn't moved, I would be there this pregnancy.

    We used the Kaiser facility for pediatricians and the one we had before then moved so I'm no help on that.

    ETA: I just moved from there in November and my husband still works up there. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  • Hi Meg,

    I just moved here a year ago and am due with our first child in 4 weeks (gulp!!!). It's a fantastic place to raise a family - if you haven't found the Athens Mothers Center and Bloom (which has a facebook group) I would suggest looking into these resources as a way to meet other parents in the area and find out answers to all sorts of questions. I use Women's Healthcare Associates as my OB - although I've never actually seen the OBs there - I just use Meredith and Anika, the midwives. I can't say enough how much I love them and this practice. They've been wonderful so far and have been so sweet through every visit and panicked 4am phone call. They deliver at both St. Mary's and Athens Regional, which makes life easy since you're not wedded to one hospital (unless you want to be). 

    As far as Peds go - i'm in the process of interviewing with a bunch right now (which I didn't know was something that you needed to do - the sooner you can make appointments to meet with them the better b/c many of them won't take your baby as a patient if they haven't met you first). I think we're going with Dr. Setia, who is really nice and well established in the area. I've heard fantastic things about Dr. Martin and Dr. Aldrich (unfortunately neither could see me before my due date and therefore won't be our doctor).

    Best of luck with the move!


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