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Introducing solids "late"

DH and I have planned on doing BLW.  We are waiting until L is six months old at least.  He has a pincer grip and seems to have an interest in food -- he watches us closely when we eat, but he doesn't have great head and neck control.  I am okay with not introducing solids for as long as it takes for me to feel comfortable he has proper neck strength, but was wondering if there were any parents on this board who waited until long after six months.  Did you have any problems that might have developed because of it?  Like maybe LO was a picky eater.  Or was it a good idea and your LO was a great eater when he or she was ready?  I'm definitely a "food before one is just for fun" parent, but also don't want L to develop bad eating habits.  Does this make sense?

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Re: Introducing solids "late"

  • We started solids just after 6m, however, we didn't regularly feed LO solids every day initially. Just if LO was up/around during meal times we'd offer him some chunks of what we were eating. But he mostly just played with it until around 8-9m. That wa

  • We techinically started DD1 on solids at 5 1/2 months, but she really didn't eat much till around 8-9 months. We started with only dinner, but there were times in which she would go several days without solids. We also did BLW and those first

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  • imageBoogerBear:
    We started solids just after 6m, however, we didn't regularly feed LO solids every day initially. Just if LO was up/aro
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  • I was keen on going as long as possible before introducing solids, but felt some pressure about starting so twins got their first solids at 6 months, 4 days.  We also are doing BLW and no purees.  I try to feed them once a day when DH gets ho

  • You might be surprised. I remember thinking at about 5 months, 1 week that there was no way DD would be ready for solids until probably 7 months or so and was fully prepared to wait that long.  By 5 months, 3 weeks she was definitely ready and gra


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  • DS1 didn't really get into solids until he was past 12 months. He would try things, but wasn't as enthusiastic as DS2 was. DS2 was much more into them by about 9 months. Just play it by ear. It's okay not to feed him every single day when he first starts,
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  • We waited until 8 months with DS to try any food and did BLW. He really wasn't interested and didn't really put anything into his mouth until 11 months. He quickly went to eating 3 solid meals a day after that. He pretty much ate whatever we put in fro

  • We started at 6 months with BLW.  For the past two months mostly all he has done is play and shove a lot of food in his mouth and then proceed to spit it out.  But, he has swallowed some and enjoys the time at the table. He did gag every time

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