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Bed sharing

I didn't plan on sleep sharing, but its kind of worked out that way, and I'm mostly enjoying it. 

Two questions:

what safety precautions do you take? My son is almost 4 weeks. 

when do you plan to move your LO to his or her room, if at all...or if you have already done so, what was the transition like?  

TIA!! I am a bit worried, only because I don't want to bed share forever, so successful transition stories are appreciated!  

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Re: Bed sharing

  • I am interested in what people say because it sounds like I wrote your post!
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  • I can comment on the safety precautions.

    DS sleeps next to me, and very rarely between DH and I (he is 6mo and 20lbs now, so a bit more substantial but I still avoid it). I never sleep with my back to him. Always on my side facing him, sometimes

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  • Hmmmm... well, DD1 who is 2 1/2 only just fully transitioned to her own bed.

    Things that contributed to this:

    I work, so bed sharing and middle of the night nursing went well with each other.  DD1 is just not a good

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  • We put our little one higher than where we sleep (so our heads are at his legs/feet). I am very aware that he is there but my husband is a deep sleeper who likes the throw his arms around. Being lower stops us from hitting him and the blanket covering his
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  • I am in the same position as you are.  My little girl will be 6 months old this month, has never slept well, and sleeps best in bed with me.  I worry about the safety as well as the transition to her own bed down the road.  I bed shared


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