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DD cries all night while I'm at work!

Hi lovelies! I need your help. I work 2 to 4 nights a week at a restaurant. I leave around 4pm and get home by 11ish. DH is with 4 month old DD while I'm at work and since I BF on demand and nurse her to sleep, she pretty much cries inconsolably until I get home. She is still very reluctant to take the bottle. He can't get her to sleep for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

My mom says that I should quit nursing her to sleep and sleeping with her all together so that she won't be so distressed while I'm gone. I don't want to. She says I'm only doing this for my own sake and its not good for her. I feel like I'm following my instincts. I do need to figure out how I can make her happier while dad is watching her though.

FYI he never leaves her to cry alone. He does all of the crying baby tricks but all she wants is to nurse to sleep. She never does this when I'm at home, only when poor dad has her and he's at his wits end with a breaking heart. I feel so bad for them both. She loves her dad and he's amazing with her even when she is freaking out but we have to figure out how to fix this without CIO or stopping the cosleeping.

Any ideas? I'm so stressed at work knowing she's at home crying all evening.
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Re: DD cries all night while I'm at work!

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