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BFing Toddler

My 18 month old still nurses throughout the night. But most of the time it is only for a few minutes, so I know it is more comfort than hunger.
If my supply goes away, will he stop trying to nurse? Or will he still try to suckle even though there is no milk?

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Re: BFing Toddler

  • Depends on the child. Some don't care and will continue to nurse just for comfort/intimacy, whereas others will be frustrated with the lack of milk and will start to wean.
  • I'm KU again and have no milk.  I mean, no milk.  DD2 still nurses though.  DD1 did the same thing and my milk came back once DD2 was born.  I tandem nursed for 6 months.  Then weaned DD1 when she was 2.  I plan to do the sam
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  • When my milk supply started to go, my daughter nursed for a very brief amount of time and then came off and signed 'all gone'. She continued with this for a bit until we came to a natural stopping point. She stopped nursing entirely in January but still t
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  • I night weaned at 18 months because I was tired and he was waking up 3 x every night. So there are options if you decide you don't want to nurse at night any more.

    I doubt your supply will just "go away" unless you get pregnant. I am pregnant, an

  • Same as what the others have said. No milk doesn't always mean weaning. DD is almost 2 and nurses to sleep. When I got pregnant a few months ago my milk went away. She still nurses and if I decide to wean, I have a feeling she will be quite resistant.
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