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Painful Internal/Cervical Check?

I had my first internal today (37 weeks) and it was very painful - I even yelped out a bit from it. The dr looked confused as to why it hurt me.

I have to say I don't really remember my internals hurting as much during my first pregnancy so it has me a little confused.

Anyone experience this?

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Re: Painful Internal/Cervical Check?

  • I had my second internal yesterday and it definitely hurt more than the first one.  The first one though I had made no progress and was still sealed up tight and as hard as a rock. 

    The way the doctor explained it to me last night was

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  • my first internal at 36 weeks I literally grabbed the table and yelled "o my god"

    The dr said "sorry I had to go around the baby's head to check your cervix that's why it hurt so much" - I assume every situation is different but I can tell you I

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  • Yeah i think that they are painful as well. I've had two so far. The first one (week 37) felt extremely weird and tons of pressure..which hurt.  The second one (week 38) there was still pressure. It didn't hurt so bad as the first one. 

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  • Not trying to stir the pot, but you don't have to get these checks. They aren't great indicators of when baby is coming and if they hurt, I really don't see much point. Do your own research (I'm just an internet stranger!) and know you have a choice.

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    Not trying to stir the pot, but you don't have to get these checks. They aren't great indicators of when bab
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  • Mine hurt like hell because my cervix hides way up in back. I have to prop my butt up with my fists and then push against the doctor.  Different doctors through both pregnancies.  Hurt like hell.

    ETA: So I declined having one today.

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  • I posted exactly the same thing yesterday. I had a different doctor do that check and it hurt a lot! It never hurt with my first. Maybe it depends on the doctor?
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  • I had to have my doctor stop because it hurt so badly...I just wasn't expecting it to me so uncomfortable and painful.  Hoping now that I know what to expect the next time won't be so bad...
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