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Does anyone know of any in the Macomb county area? We're using Beaumont Troy to deliver. 

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  • We took our classes through Beaumont and actually took as many as we could actually at Troy Beaumont which was very helpful and insightful. It gave you more info then just the free hospital tours. They were actual nurses from Beaumont that taught the classes.
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  • Thank you! Do they have a website for class information? 
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  • We also did our class through Beaumont but ours met at their building on Hall and Tilch which was way more convenient for us because we live in Macomb. I'd ask your OBGYN for info but I know you can also find the info on That's actually where we registered was online. You can see all the dates it's offered and the locations. They have a bunch of courses you can take. GL!
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  • Sorry for the response delay. and click on the classes tab.
  • Are they all really long? Some of them are 4 hrs at a time. I don't know if I could stay awake through


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