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HV Fertility experiences?

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OB/Gyn referred us to a fertility specialist. Mentioned HV Fertility and RMA both offices are in Fishkill and both are covered by my insurance. Anyone have experiences with either one?

Re: HV Fertility experiences?

  • I went to RMA in NYC, as far as I can tell they aren't completely affiliated with the CT or NJ offices - they all do things a little differently and the NY group has offices in White Plains, Brooklyn and Long Island.

    I LOVED Dr. Grunfeld, this was after seeing another doctor unsuccessfully for 2 IUIs and 2 IVFs at St. Luke's Roosevelt. I am lucky enough to have family in the city which made it easy for us.

     I've had friends who were successful with IUI at CNY - which is in Albany and they have package deals. 

     Unfortunately I have no experience nor have I heard anything about HV Fertility.

    Good luck!!! It's not an easy road but it's worth it in the end - 3 more months until we have our own baby!!!

  • I started with hv fert. and dr levine is strange and as my 1st experience with infertility treatments I found it totally upsetting that his nurse did my iui and after sending him a letter reminding him about the emotional rollercoaster we go through he never responded. Rma ct excellent dr hurwitz. Rma ny
    excellent dr klein. You can check hv fertility on vitals.com notice his website doesn't have any statistics like the
    other reputable clinics.
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  • adel82adel82 member
    I am going to RMA of NY in Manhattan with Dr Copperman, while I am not pregnant yet, I could not recommend him enough. Great bed side manner and always willing to answer questions.
  • babyf86babyf86 member
    I went to rma in ct. They allow you to do some check ups like blood tests in fishkill and the rest in Danbury. I saw Dr. Hurwitz and loved it. Great experience I'm currently 5 months pregnant with first try ivf.
  • I highly recommend Sher Institute in Purchase. My husband and I have been TTC for two years - and just got pregnant after our first IVF with Dr. Browne. They are smart, so compassionate, and really really nice. 
    Good luck!!!
  • I recommend Dr. Michael Blotner, in White Plains. My husband and I were TTC for over 5 years - we saw Dr. Blotner and after our 2nd IUI we conceived and we are now expecting our first child. Dr. Blotner and his staff are great. They hold your hand every step of the way. Sweet and compassionate. Good Luck to you!!
  • I went to RMA in White Plains and saw Dr. Stangel. Even though I didn't end up getting up getting pregnant there (I got pregnant naturally after I quit treatments, so go figure), the bedside manner of Dr. Stangel and everyone in his office was superb.
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    We had a wonderful experience with RMA in CT.  We primarily saw Dr. Murdock, though ended up seeing all the doctors there during various appointments.  Dr. Hurwitz did my first transfer (successful with my daughter) and Dr. Murdock did my second (successful with my son).  Every provider there is amazing and I couldn't be happier.

    We met with Dr. Levine at HV Fertility and weren't crazy about him.  We only met him once, before we decided to go with RMA, but there was just something about him with which we didn't connect.

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  • I'm seeing Dr. Klein in the RMA White Plains office and I love him. Starting my first IUI cycle this month so I can't report any results yet but his whole office is so warm, happy, responsive, and helpful. Dr. Klein is incredibly thorough and seems very kind.
  • just thought Id give an update. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant after three months of treatment at HVF.  That place was great.  Staff was great. Im sad to leave them.  SOOOO glad I left Diamond inst.

  • We went to RMA in WP when we were TTC with our son and I can't say enough about Dr. Klein.  He is completely honest and upfront but so kind hearted.  Aside from routine blood draws, I saw him each time I was there.  When we had our first loss he picked up the phone and personally called me.  Talked me through it, talked about options, etc.

    This time around our ins is different and we weren't able to go back to see him.  Wish I could say the same with the dr I'm seeing in NYC at Cornell.  He's no where NEAR the same category as Dr. Klein.

  • I went to montefiore institute for reproductive medicine and health in hartsdale (westchester) I loved Dr. Lieman. He's pretty busy though as the head of the department. I also really like Dr. Clapp, but I'm not sure if she affiliated only with reproductive medicine or Montefiore OBGYN. I got pregnant on my 4th iui attempt ( first with injectables) and I'm due in September, after TTC for almost three years!
  • I went to HV and met with Levine for a consult. I didn’t like him at all and I thought the staff was rude and the office seemed unkept and in a disarray.
    We ended up going to RMA CT and I can only say wonderful things! Our Dr is Dr. Murdock but we have see all the MDs in the group through out and we are currently pregnant from our first IVF! They are amazing! Highly recommended 
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