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XP: Cont: Medium flow Nipple Suggetions...?

Again I live in Canada and the medium flow nipples for the Ventaire bottles are not available. So I tried a no name brand medium flow nipple with the Playtex Ventaire bottles and it does not fit properly ( therefore it's letting air in the bottle which defeats the purpoes of what these bottles are supposed to do ) but it did work and DD did very well with this type of flow compared to the fast flow. So I thought I'll just go onto Babies R Us USA and order them on there, well they do not ship to Canada Crying I am at this point really frustrated and called playtex to complain about the fact that medium flow nipples for Ventaire are not made available for Canada. They were super helpful, they gave me a website to check out that ships from the USA to Canada. So I checked it out and they had them, pretty cheap too which was an even bigger bonus. I am a very happy momma now I finally found them, now just the waiting game.

If there are any other Canadians on this board and are interested it the website here it is: http://www.nationwidecampus.com

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