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Consolidating naps

When did u consolidate to one nap a day??? And how did you know/do it
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Re: Consolidating naps

  • Daycare kind of forced it on us in order to move to the toddler room, so right around one year. They gradually pushed back her first nap of the day until it was where they wanted it to be. She adjusted pretty easily, although I think she would sometimes n
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  • I let her do it in her own time, slow and steady.

    There just got to be a point right around a year, where she wouldn't want her morning nap. She'd just scream and cry in her crib or just hang out for 15 minutes and play then want out. She was al

  • I knew it was time when DD fought her afternoon nap for about a week straight. I started by moving her morning nap back from 8:30 to 10:30 for a few days (gradually) then moving it back 15 minutes at a time each day until we were at noon. She goes down

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  • my son also started fighting his pm nap around 13.5 months. he'd still go right to sleep at 9am for his morning nap, but would babble and wander around his crib when it was time for his second. he was still tired and would fall asleep if i took him out

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  • Daycare also sort of gradually forced this too when she got bumped to the infant 2 class at 10 months old.  The first week or so was a little tough.  They'd let her nap twice if she wanted/needed.  She adjusted quickly and we never had a

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  • Thanks guys. I don't think dd is ready just yet. She still pretty much does 11.5 hours in the am and pm. She has occasionally skipped the pm nap. Maybe 12 times but for the most part still doesn't fight it. I think I'll wait a bit longer
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  • We did it around 11 months. She was always a good napper, going right down to sleep...and then she started giving me a hard time at our normal morning nap time.  She just wasn't tired and wanted to play.

    Basically, in the beginning, we would

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  • My DD let us know when she was ready. She just stopped sleeping during her morning nap. So, we switched from two naps to one long nap at 1:00pm.


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  • We did it around 13 months. My girls wouldn't sleep their afternoon nap if I let them sleep the morning one, so that's how I knew. I ended up just holding them out in the morning until 10am...then slowly pushed it back to 10:30...then 11...and now it's 12
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  • around 12.5 months was when we consolidated.  She suddenly got more difficult to put down for both her AM and PM naps, or wouldn't go down in the PM at all.  Both naps also got shorter (30-45 minutes instead of 60-90).


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