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Anyone have Ikea bunk or loft bed?

I was looking at the Kura loft bed but am now considering the Mydal bunk bed instead.  I would need to buy a thinner mattress for the Kura plus I would lose all underbed storage.  I am just wondering if the Mydal is too high for a 5 year old and whether my 2.5 year old is going to be able to stay on the bottom bunk (she's in a toddler bed with a bedrail right now).  Any one have any experience with either of these?
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Re: Anyone have Ikea bunk or loft bed?

  • We have the kid size one. Part of me loves it but it is big and in a corner room it takes over so much of the room and blocks part of one window. And my kids still roll out of the bottom part. But I would never feel comfortable putting a 5.5yo on the top
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  • We don't have an Ikea set, but we do have our 4y/o in the top bunk of a standard-sized loft bed. He does just fine.
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