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Natural ways to help digestion?

Our little one is 11 months old.  She was born 3 months premature and has always had a difficult time with digestion, even when she was being exclusively breastfed. Right now we are only feeding her a couple times a day easy to digest purees and breastfeeding a lot.  


Here's what we are currently doing:

Drinking water

At times prune juice 

Takes probiotic, infant dha fish oil, and organic coconut oil

Tummy massage

Warm bath

Peddling legs

Tummy time 


It can be a few days between bm's, although I know that can be normal for some; she becomes uncomfortable, bloated, and her tummy feels hard.   I am trying to stay away from miralax and glycerine shaves because I would like to avoid doing long-term damage.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Natural ways to help digestion?

  • my baby was born a few weeks  early and had a sensitive stomach, we used gripe water and it is 100% natural, u can buy it at walmart, also they have  prunes in the baby food isle and it works great, also if ur using baby cereal, mix it with the
  • I try to make sure that at least one meal per day has something that will help him go. A lot of times this means adding a Tbsp of prunes to a dish, but you can also use mangoes or pears. I try to stay away from rice cereal b/c it gums up the works. Banana


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