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5 Days Old - Sleeping a ton?

We have our first well check (one week) tomorrow so I'll ask the pedi too, but I'm shocked by how much my DS is sleeping. This is my 2nd and I don't recall his brother sleeping this much during the day AND at night. Last night we had a four hour stretch of sleep and I was the one that woke HIM up. Now today the last attempt to nurse took an hour b/c he was asleep for half of it and I had him stripped down to a diaper, dipped him gently every once in a while, etc. I'm overly cautious about my supply not getting established b/c we're not nursing 8-12 times per day. More like 7, but that may take 7 hours. Does duration matter? Is this pretty normal for his age? Thanks!

 FYI we are getting good wet and dirty diapers, so I 'think' he's getting enough. 

Re: 5 Days Old - Sleeping a ton?

  • Normal. Mine still sleeps all the time and she's three weeks tomorrow. Be grateful!
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  • We also have a sleeper at day 10...LOVE IT...enjoy it and take the sleep while you can! They will let you know when they are hungry.  As long as you have weight gain and healthy...enjoy it.  When they get to be toddlers- you will wish yo

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  • Sleeping a lot is normal but you need to be waking every 3 hours to feed unless your pedi says otherwise 

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  • As long as he is gaining weight and has good output, I wouldn't worry. I had to strip DD down to our diaper for feeds for at least the first week or so due to sleepiness.
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