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TTC - month 3

My husband and I started trying to conceive in January. I had a normal cycle in January, 2.5 weeks of spotting at the end of February, 4 days of spotting the next week and another 4 days of spotting 1.5 weeks later. It has been a week since the last spotting. I've recently started feeling excess fatigue, a loss of appetite and noticeably darker natural hair growth. I have taken 2 preg tests over the past month, the last 1 yesterday, with both negative outcomes. Not sure what to think or where to go from here...anyone have any advice?

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  • Sounds like you're having cycle with spotting and you're not pregnant.


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  • What is a "normal cycle"?  Are you charting?  I feel like every single post I've seen on this board is the same and no one is charting.  You can't possibly know what's going on with your cycle if you are simply looking at a calendar. &nb

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  • imagesunlavender:
    Sounds like you're having cycle with spotting and you're not pregnant.

    FTW! </



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    TTC journey over as of the end of October 2014


    All ALers welcome!

  • Find a copy of Taking Control of Your Fertility. It will teach you a lot about what's going on in your body and help you communicate better with your provider.  It will also help you make some sense of what's going on. If you gain that knowledge and
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