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I think my cat can smell when I'm pg

My younger cat has been guarding me for a good month now. She sleeps at the end of the bed all night watching. When I'm relaxing on the couch, she put her head on my legs and stay there until I get up.

I would expect this behaviour from my older cat, but the younger one is hyper and has the attention span of a flea.

She always sniffing at me like she's making sure I still smell right. It has me wondering if there's a pg smell and since everyone gets upset after the smell goes away, she's protecting me.

Anyone else's pets acting like this?

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Re: I think my cat can smell when I'm pg

  • My cat is totally more loving towards me when I am pg. Lately she has taken to snuggling my bump.


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  • Oh yes. We have two cats. One is always snuggly, the other is pretty standoffish. It's noticeable enough that even before all three BFPs, DH has noticed that the standoffish one is all over me. It's like she can't get enough snuggling on my belly/chest th
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  • Yep this what my cats are like too! We have 3 and when I KU 2 of them get really friendly. My DH's cat becomes very protective and sniffs me more often. Our female cat starts to go everywhere with me and lay on or near me all the time! Our 3rd cat is r

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  • Yep! My youngest cat has not left my side. She lays on my stomach when I'm laying down. She sometimes mushes on my lower abdomen too.
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  • oh yes, they know. My three knew before I even got a bfp! They never lay together...but days before I tested they all laid on the couch with me at the same time! Same thing happened with my previous pregnancy as well. That's how I knew I was pregnant befo
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