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Tying shoes- does your 5 yr old do it?

I just assumed I would keep the kids in cute mary janes and velcro.  I figured laces were "out."  And now my 5 yr old picked out laces and insists she will get in trouble if she can't tie shoes when she goes to kindergarten. 

Of course I let her have the shoes, am teaching her to tie, and dispelled rumors of evil K teachers punishing kids who can[t tie, but I was just wondering, do most 5 yr olds tie their shoes? I can't imagine willingly adding the hassle of dealing with the laces every morning, stopping to retie 40 times a day, etc. 

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Re: Tying shoes- does your 5 yr old do it?

  • rsd12rsd12 member
    I do not know any 5 or 6 or even 7 year olds that tie their own laces yet. My son is in 1st grade and while he wears lace sneakers most of his friends still use velcro.

    It was more frustrating to me when he wanted laces, because every time he
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  • DS doesn't know how to tie his shoes yet.
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  • My DD learned when she was 7.  My 5 year old cannot.  

    eta:  DD is a leftie which made it harder for me to teach & her to learn.   

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  • No. But none of the other kids can in her class either. DD only has one pair of lace up sneakers, though. She prefers "ballerina shoes" most days.
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  • Neither of my twins could tie shoes at the beginning of K. They learned in school and at home. They were required to have lace up/tie shoes for gym.
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  • DS will be 6 in 3 weeks and cannot tie his shoes. I think only 4 kids in his Kindergarten class(of 20 kids) can tie their shoes. His teacher will tie them. DS has velcro shoes though and has no interest in learning to tie his shoes. He is also left han

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  • Thanks all.  I imagine she'll have it by September, but if not we'll stick to velcro at school I think.  I can't imagine a poor teacher having to tie shoes, too!
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  • DS has been able to tie bows for a good three or four months. One day he just wanted to learn how and practiced incessantly until he got it. I haven't let him get tie shoes yet, but probably will for the fall.
  • My 5.5 year old can't tie shoes yet. Both of my kids insist on tie-up shoes, so I always double knot them and do it tight enough that it doesn't come undone during school.
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  • My son can tie his own shoes. He turned 5 a week ago. He doesn't tie them tight enough usually so I will tie them tight when he puts them on.

    I taught kindergarten and I would say about half of my kids could tie their own shoes. I got reall
  • My older Dd who will be 7 in June learned the summer she turned 5 but since she rarely wears tie shoes, she is still not good at it.  My just turned 5 year old can not and we have not even tried working on it yet.
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  • DD is 4 years 10ish months and she CAN tie her shoes and she's been able to for quite a few months now. She sat down with me one day and learned in about 20 minutes. She is likely the exception though, because she has always had advanced fine motor skil
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  • My dd does tie her own shoes. She is one of two in her class that knows how. She started kindergarten not knowing though.  

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  • hmdhmd member
    DS is 5 and can tie his shoes.  They really pushed it in kindergarten.  They have a shoe-tying club, and one of the janitors volunteers to help teach the children how to tie.  He learned how within a couple months of starting school.  
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  • My almost 5yr old just learned how to tie his shoes last month.

  • Yes!  My DD, who turned five last weekend, learned to tie her own shoes a few months ago.  I saw the question, "can he/she tie her own shoes" on her kindergarten registration paperwork, and I realized we didn't have any tie shoes for her.  
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