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Waking earlier?

The past few weeks DD has been waking up up to 2 hours earlier than her regular wakeup of 7:15-7:30.  We haven't changed her bedtime routine or her actual bedtime.  She's normally in bed by 7:45pm.  She started crying at 5am today, was in and out until we finally got her at 6am- it's getting painful for weekends AND weekdays.  

 Anyone experienced this?  Did you do anything that helped? 

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Re: Waking earlier?

  • No advice... in the same boat.  Past few days, DD has been up at 5:45... uuuuuuugh.
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  • No advice here either, but DS has been waking between 12 hrs earlier too. His naps, bed time and everything else is still the same so I don't know what is up unless he is just needing less sleep now.
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  • How many hours of sleep are they getting total? Is it between 13 and 14 hours? Is there a milestone they are reaching?

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