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Babies: 9 - 12 Months

what toys are must haves for this age group?

Do I really need a push walker? 

Dd isn't crawling yet and her pedi thinks she'll be a late walker. I'm fine to buy her the $30 walker but not if it is going to be yet another bells and whistles toy.

Any recs for must have or tryely valuable developmental toys? 

Re: what toys are must haves for this age group?

  • A walker is good. I didn't get one but if I did my LO would have walked sooner. I think the must have toys right now are BOOKS. My LO loves when I read to him then he tries to read himself. He mimics what I say.
  • We got DS a walker from Target when he was about 5 mo old, it was about $25 and he absolutely loves it.  You can sit in front and play and then stand and push from the back.  I don't know if it helped him sit or walk, but he still plays with

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  • I was surprised to learn w my DS that walkers are illegal in Canada & that they actually DELAY walking.  Your LO will eventually walk :)
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  • It depends on the type of walker.  The ones that you sit them in that are like a saucer are illegal in Canada.  The ones that look like a cart that you push in front of you are not.

    Lots of floor time is the best.  DD does play wit


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  • DS has gotten a lot of use out of his push walker. He uses it every day and has since he was about five months old and we could sit him in front of it. I don't think anyone NEEDS any baby toys. Babies will eventually walk just fine. I do think it was
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  • Very few things I can think of that are must haves with a baby at all. 

    I have found that each of my kids have gravitated to different things.  DS really, really loves anything ride on so I borrowed one from a girl friend.  

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  • We have a walker but we don't use it much. LO prefers cruising for now.
  • I would get the walker.  We were given one by my SIL.  It helped DD learn to walk and she loves it.  She's been walking for 3mo now and still loves to push it.
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  • My 11 month old isn't walking yet (but is standing and reaching around furniture) and is pretty disinterested in a walker. Perhaps you have a friend with a toddler you could just borrow one from?


    My LO loves baby puzzles right now. &

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  • Our lo loves his push walker. He sat in front of it and played at 5mo (and still does). I think it helped him learn to sit. He also started walking behind it before he could crawl. Now, he cruises along furniture, but if he wants to get across the room

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  • My 10 month old loves a xylaphone. 
  • Agreed that there is really nothing that is a must have toy but our little guy loved the wooden Plan Toys when he was that age, small cars that fit in his hand to push around and sand toys were starting to be a big thing then as well.  I have

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  • DS loves his playcube from discoverychannel.com  It has a million buttons to push and things to do.
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