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case of the crazies

We are visiting my grandmother who we don't get to see a lot so we told some family today. Now I am sitting here racked with fear and guilt. I pushed to tell my family because I wanted to do it in person. Now all I can think about is "what if something happens?"

I have never felt so bad about something, I am not even sure why I feeling this way, but I don't like it. I am almost sick to my stomach right now.

I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, guess I just needed to share my crazy.

Re: case of the crazies

  • I am someone who did tell their family and then lost a kiddo, i know that family will be supportive no matter what.

     meditate, pray, "relax" and just enjoy the fact that you are pregnant. It's harder to do that not to do, i know. I'm on

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  • I agree with HoneyBadger4, your family will be supportive no matter what. Try and stay calm hugs

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  • We told both family and friends last time. Then when the miscarriage happened I was so afraid of telling them about it, but if actually felt better that we had all their support and had more than each other to deal with the pain. We both had different vie
  • Breathe, relax.

    First, since you wanted to share this great news with them face to face says to me that they are a very important part of your life as I am sure you are to them.  If something happens they will be there to support you and lo

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  • I agree with everyone else who has already posted. If its important for you to tell them in person, then don't rob yourself or them of that. I think there's a difference between sharing with close friends and family, and the rest of the world.
  • I just wanted to thank y'all for your responses. I feel much better this morning.

    I guess I can chalk that up yo my first true pregnancy hormone experience; I did not feel like myself at all!

    Thank you again for the sense talk.
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