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Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone else have diarrhea?

Diarrhea really isn't all that uncommon for me at all pregnant or not but has anyone else experienced it as a symptom or anything?  Other than dehydration, is their any cause for concern?  With my missed m/c I had some stomach bug and had it really bad, so it makes me anxious when I have diarrhea while pregnant now.
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Re: Anyone else have diarrhea?

  • I have to say I've had small episodes this past week that are worrisome to me as well. With my first two healthy pregnancies in had quite the opposite and was awfully constipated. I remember have periods of diarrhea though with my first loss so naturally
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  • Yeah, me. It sucks, but my midwife said that some people's digestion just does the opposite of most.
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  • I had diarrhea most days the first few weeks of this pregnancy. The consistency slowly went back to more "normal" bowel movements over time.

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  • I had diarrhea through the whole first tri and a lot of the second tri. I'm set to hit 33 weeks on Monday and I'd say my GI system has felt pretty even  for the last month or two, which may be related to me starting iron supplements. I don't think it
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  • I have bouts of diarrhea from time to time when pg, both my first pg and this one.

    The most important when vomiting or with diarrhea is to stay hydrated at all costs.  If you start you feel that you can't keep hydrated, head to the ER.&nbs

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