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My mom cannot wait to tell people we're having twins, she is starting to drive me crazy. We're barely 12 weeks and haven't told anyone except our parents that I'm pregnant. I want to wait a little longer to tell work. Plus I want to be the one to tell my aunts and cousins. I hope my mom can control herself for a little longer. I get that she's excited but it is my pregnancy!
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  • My grandma did the same thing! We sent announcements in the mail saying we were expecting twins, and as soon as she got hers, she started calling family. When I found out, I had to call and politely remind her it was out surprise to share, and wanted ever
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    I really just want to wait until after our NT scan to tell anyone and then if she'll just let me tell people I'm close to, I'll let her go wild. I hope she can hold off.
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  • My Mom constantly tells EVERYONE its twins. its her fault most people ask the annoying questions. 

    She let me tell her two best friends who are like second and third Moms to me... and then I called the newest member of their group...

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  • We kept the parents reigned in until
    after our NT scan...then they were allowed to tell immediate family. They had permission to tell everyone else once we went 'live' on FB.
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