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What did LO's 6mo growth spurt look like?

DS is pissed at the world!  Always so tired but he won't sleep, pretty cranky and clingy, and he's not nursing really well.  I hope this passes soon.  I don't remember this with DD.  What did your LO do when he was going through the 6 month growth spurt and how long did it last?

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Re: What did LO's 6mo growth spurt look like?

  • My LO is 7 months and she never had a growth spurt at 6 months. Everything I read said she was supposed to then but instead she had it at 5 months. Whenever she goes through one she just eats a ton and wants to eat every hour and is somewhat cranky.
  • When my LO goes through a spurt she'll go through a few days where she'll sleep a TON and then a few after where she still sleeps okay but is super cranky and eats like a horse.  
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  • My son's 6 month growth spurt ended just tonight and it was the worst one yet. We just moved into a new home so we thought his changing sleep habits were a result of adjusting. After 3 weeks, it became apparent something else was going on since his sleep
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  • My LO didn't have one.
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  • Exactly what you described. I thought she was getting teeth. Instead, she outgrew all her clothes!!
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