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Moving to the D.C. area


 Hubby received a promotion. Originally we were going to be transferred to NYC and now it's DC. I am super excited. We are moving from the Boston area. I have a 1 year old and will be a stay at home. We are currently asking friends/family/realtors for family friendly towns? I know that's a bit vague. But, he will be working near the National Mall. We don't want him to be stuck in a long commute. Also, I want to be near parks/malls/child friendly places.  What are some good middle class/family towns near the city? I know they will be more expensive the closer we are but we are willing to downsize the home for location. Thank you! 

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Re: Moving to the D.C. area

  • Hi there,

    I too am moving (back) to DC from Boston!  I'm due in July, then we move in August.


    My DH will be working by the whitehouse, same area.

     Arlington is where we'll be living, but McLean, Oakton, Vienna are all good places to look on the VA side.  

     Good luck with your search! 

  • Hi there! Congrats on your DH promotion.
    We live in Arlington and love it. My DH works a block from the Whitehouse and has an easy metro ride into work. We did live in Vienna and loved the town, but it added at about 30 minutes to his commute.
    I am due with our first in September and will be a SAHM as well. Let me know if you need realtor suggestions or info on neighborhoods.
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  • What's your idea of a "long" commute? 

    If you want to be in VA, Arlington and Alexandria are the closest (commute could be in the 15-30 minute range if he drives or you live close to the Metro, possibly longer if you have to factor in bus as well).  Both have nice neighborhoods for kids, but housing is $$$.  A little farther out are Falls Church, Annandale, Springfield, Burke, Fairfax.  You'll get a little more home for your $$, but commutes could run 45-60 min.  Reston, Herndon, Ashburn and Sterling (out towards Dulles airport, off of the toll road) are cheaper for housing, but you can get slammed with a miserable commute until the Metro opens out that way in a few years.

    I've never lived in MD, but I would definitely aim for Montgomery County vs. Prince George's County.

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  • Hi, you may also check Bethesda .. has great public schools, metro connection to downtown, super safe and on expensive side. To save some buck you may want to check Tacoma Park, it is residential neighborhood, a bit hippie-ish but also lovely.

     Most of my friends who have kids are living in these two neighborhoods 


    Welcome to lovely DC, I hope you will love it here! 

  • I live in Kensington, MD and work about a 1/2 mile from the white house. Our commute is not bad and the Montgomery County school district is one of the best in the area. Would also recommend Bethesda and Chevy Chase. 
  • Hello, I have lived in DC for six years already. I suggest that if your husband does not want a long commute, either move into Arlington, VA or Southwest, Northwest, Northeast DC. Stay away from SouthEast since you both do not know the city. 

    In Arlington, there are some good middle class towns. The only thing is that you have to consider how far away they are from DC. It may say on the map that it is 4 miles to get to work, but in really, those 4 miles may turn into 20-30 minutes of commute because of the horrible traffic.  

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