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My daughter is 10.5 months old. She has always been a good sleeper. Just recently she has started waking up screaming at night. She doesn't act like she is teething. She had the usual stuffy nose and drooling other times. Ive tried letting her cry for awhile, rocking her, and she will not settle down. I have given in and gave her a bottle. She will drink in and go back to sleep. I guess my question is it bad to start that habit. Do I just let her cry? Any advice would be appreciated. This is my first baby so everything is new to me!

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  • my LO has always been a good sleeper too... he recently started to get up in the middle of the night screaming. i  gave a bottle the other night and he went right back to sleep. i was worried it would start a habit too... but, he is back to STTN a

  • If this continues, I would suggest maybe trying to up her food or milk intake during the day. Maybe it's a growth spurt if it continues as well. 
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  • Might be a growth spurt or maybe she's not getting enough during the day. 

    Try adding in some healthy fats. Avocados. Add coconut oil to veggies. 

    I personally don't mind one MOTN nursing session. But unless my LO is teething, I

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  • How long has LO been doing this?  WHen my LO did this a few nights in a row we went to the dr and it was a double ear infection.  I guess you can also tell the difference between crying and screaming!  My LO was just sooo unhappy that we co
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  • last night was the fourth night. She will wake up crying.  I dont rush right in in hopes she will fall back to sleep. She will drink her bottle and go right back to sleep.  She did have an ear infection before and we had no idea either. Maybe a
  • I believe it is a growth spurt, my little one sleeps through the night, but when she wakes up like that, as she did last night, in a couple days she will be heaver, or not fit some of her clothes that fit last week.. So probably a growth spurt!
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