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What's the deal with the sleep change?!

My daughter is 5.5 months old. She was EBF, though we just started introducing solids, and she naps pretty well throughout the day- about three times a day, one hour or so/nap. We bed share, though we tried cosleeping which worked for about a week and then her sleeping started going downhill and has been in a progressive decline since, now were back to bed sharing.. She used to sleep 10 hours a night, sleeping through 7 hours straight- feed and then back to sleep for another three hours. Now she's not sleeping- I'm talking half hour spurts of restless sleep throughout the night in which she's rooting the whole time, until about 2AM. At that point she's up until 5AM, fussing and squirming the whole time. Could it be teething? A crazy random growth spurt? It's 415AM as I write with my right hand and rock her with my left, while sipping on a glass of wine to keep me from certain tears. I feel so alone as husband doesn't want to "deal with her sleep issues" and I am just- exhausted. Is this behavior common or could there be a physical change happening with her that I'm just not seeing? Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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  • She could be having tummy aches from the solids. My 7 month old gets them from time to time at night ever since I started solids. She pulls her legs up to her tummy when shes in pain. Normally she sleeps through the night but whenever she has tummy troubl
  • No advice here but you're not alone. My DH works nights so I am all alone, kind of like you, having to deal with DD by myself. And the nights that he is home, he isn't part of the MOTN routine. Mostly because it takes forever to wake him up, but also b



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  • Thank you ladies for the support! Maybe it is the veggies/fruits that are giving her a tummy ache and I should just stick to oatmeal until her belly is less sensitive. Until then I'll continue her nap time/bedtime routine and hope things sort themselves o
  • Definitely could be a growth spurt.  I've noticed w/ our LO that she'll go through a few nights of wanting a bottle in the middle of the night and then go back to STTN.  Hang in there :)
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