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Overwhelmed - Cribs! Baby Cache?

Hello Ladies,

I am feeling overwhelmed by crib choices.

I want something white, but I don't want something too fussy. I would like to do a "gender neutral" nursery and we did just find out we are having a boy. We may have another child and would re-use the crib.

I bought "Baby Bargains" and have been looking at cribs.

So far, I think I like this one the best:


Any one else have it? The reviews are mixed on BRU, but Baby Bargains gives the manufacturer an "A".

My mom offered to buy us a crib when we announced we were PG. I don't want to pick something too expensive though. DH thinks it is too expensive to ask my mom to buy. I think it is kind of "middle of the road" as far as price.

Any insight?

I think it would be easier to make these kinds of decisions when I wasn't PG - I miss my pre-PG-hormone self!  

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Re: Overwhelmed - Cribs! Baby Cache?

  • We have a Baby Cache crib and dresser and haven't had any problems with them. They are a different model than the one you are looking at. If you decide to get it and want to convert it later, definitely get the conversion kit now. The reviewers are correc
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  • OP, I am in the same boat. I bought the baby bargains book and am stuck at cribs. I am trying to decide between Baby Cache, Babi Italia and Graco Lauren. I do not think there is an wrong answer here, but it is so hard to decide!
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  • We have the Baby Cache Sleigh crib in white and I love it. We haven't bought a conversion kit yet. The quality is very nice and the crib is extremely sturdy. It definitely needs two people to put together, if not a third for an extra set of hands to hold
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  • No familiarity with the cribs you've mentioned but I agree with you that the price of the one to which you've linked seems middle-of-the-road to me. If you're concerned about it being more than your mom anticipated spending, you could always offer to pay
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  • I have a Baby Cache crib and dresser. I've had no problem with them. Instead, who I've had problems with is Babies R'Us. They're a freaking nightmare to work with when it comes to the furniture. When I originally purchased the crib, it arrived damaged. It
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  • We have that crib and dresser and have been happy with the quality and look of it, although our little guy isn't sleeping in the crib yet.  Definitely order all the pieces at once. I think it took at least 12 weeks for the conversion rails to come in
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  • image cinderin:

    Hello Ladies,

    I am feeling overwhelmed by crib choices.

    I want something white, but I don't want someth


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