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Am I the only one....

Wo has days where you want to just walk away from your kids. I love both of them,(22 months and 6 weeks) I feel horrible but after a day where both were extra whiny and my oldest still does not talk so it can get frustrating just trying to figure out what he wants, I just want to walk away and just go somewhere for some piece and quiet. Am I horrible for feeling this way. Anyone else have days like this.

Re: Am I the only one....

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    Of course!!

    They specifically write in all the baby literature that if you are too tired/frustrated etc, you are Supposed to walk away for a few minutes to calm down and deal with the situation.

    At he end of the day though, you

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    Exactly what PP said! You're being a better mom by walking away. You give yourself a chance to breath, to calm down, and reduce the chance you'll 'snap'. 

    We all have to know our limits and listen to them. =)

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    I think this is only a problem if days like this are pretty frequent.  Are you a SAHM?  If you are and rarely get a break from your kids, that could be exacerbating things.  I know a lot of working moms who credit their sanity to working.&n
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    Definitely not the only one. I have 2 yr and 11 week old boys. They both demand all my attention all day long and very rarely give me quiet time. My husband works long days and sometimes when he gets home I have to escape to our room or the store for a bi
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