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Do I tip for this?

We're having a swingset installed in our backyard; it's being done by a guy who owns his own company and does this for a living - just him and 2 assistants.

We're paying almost $500 for the installation and it will take all day. Do I tip, and if so, how much would you think??

This just isn't a situation you're in too often lol.

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Re: Do I tip for this?

  • We had our fence rebuilt a couple of springs ago. It was done by a guy who owned his own business and one assistant. We left cold drinks outside in a cooler each day [water and sodas] while we were at work and ordered pizza for them on the last day. We to
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  • I wouldn't tip, no. If they're really nice, maybe bring them out lemonade and cookies while they work :) 

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  • I wouldn't tip. You're paying them to build it...what's the tip for? I mean, we hired a guy to build DS's swing set, he came, he built it and we paid him. 

    I'd definitely offer cold water though.  

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  • No I wouldn't tip.
  • I wouldn't tip. I would however offer water or soda and a snack.
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  • I wouldn't tip but I would have drinks and snacks for them, maybe even offer to buy lunch since it's an all day job. 
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