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Why is she saying ow?

Every time I take my daughters diaper off she is saying "ow". She doesn't have a diaper rash and never has. I don't see anything red or anything that would be hurting her. Is she just saying it to say it??

She's 19 months old.
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Re: Why is she saying ow?

  • One of my babies has started saying owie all. the. time. Diaper changes, when I change her clothes, when I do her hair. I know she's not actually hurt, she just learned a new word. I think it's pretty cute, actually. She knows what it means because a lit
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  • Our LO has been doing this too. He recently had a bad diaper rash, and I think he either a. Got in the habit of saying it or b. is anxious because it was sore before.


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  • DS does this, but it's in reference to bumping his head. He bumped it quite a few times, and I would refer to it as his "booboo." Now he randomly touches his head and says "booboo" with a sad look on his face. He has no bruise or anything - I think he jus

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