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Spotting/bleeding..not sure what to think or do.

As hard as I am trying to be positive that THIS time will be different, this afternoon I started having some light cramping in my lower pelvis and almost a pressure feeling down in my pelvic floor. I thought maybe I was constipated or gassy but when I came home to relieve my bladder, I noticed that I have started bleeding. It's somewhat thin and a dark maroon color (not brown, not red). The cramps aren't anywhere as bad as my period cramping usually is.

I just feel stuck. I am afraid to move or do anything. It's Friday night and of course all the doc offices are closed. I feel like I am just waiting for the waterfall.

Has anyone had bleeding like this? I thought about going to the ER, but not sure what they would even do for me at this point. I haven't had a lab draw in a week and I only had 2 and it was normally rising. My first vag ultrasound is next friday. I never had any bleeding in my last pregnancy, and I never even miscarried that one naturally...

I think I am about 5-6 weeks along based on LMP but I had a full period (which the MD said was implantation bleeding) before I found out I was pg so I think I implanted late.  

Right now I am just scared and emotional and trying to suppress the negative thinking but it's super hard. Any advice would be helpful... Thanks!

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Re: Spotting/bleeding..not sure what to think or do.

  • I'm sure you are scared and it could be anything.  I had bleeding at 5, 7, and 10 weeks and am now almost 21 weeks pregnant with twins.  I would call your doc (are you with an OB or RE right now?) and let them know.  They will probably t

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  • I am very sorry you are going through this. It is so scary.

    You need to make whatever decision feels right to you. I personally would probably wait and see if things get better or worse. If worse, then a call to your OB to see what they recom
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  • Thank you all for your advice, kind words, and support. It seems to be less red, more brown now and not ever even warranting a pad of any type.Barely anything on toilet paper. I am going to call MD in the morning if it continues (prob the RE first and the
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  • That is always scary.  I agree with the pp that say to wait before going to the ER.  I'd also add to stay off your feet as much as you can for the weekend and also refrain from intercourse.  I had spotting very early in this pregnancy and h
  • At 13 weeks, I woke up and thought I was peeing myself. When I sat on the toilet, it felt like a water balloon breaking. DH and I immediately went to the ER on the notion that I was experiencing a late mc and needed to be watched. Without getting graphic,
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  • I would place a call to the dr, at least to leave a message with the answering service. Not sure if this helps, but with my m/c, I had severe cramping and bleeding. Hope it's nothing!!! Good luck!
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