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Best Clothes for Long, skinny babies...

DD is almost 8 weeks old and we are stuck between sizes. Newborns fit around the top half, but are too short and 0-3 months fit in length but are too baggy.
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Re: Best Clothes for Long, skinny babies...

  • DS was always longer and skinnier.  Carter's brand worked well for us.
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  • I've found that the Carter's brand that is sold at Target works best for DS who is very long.  I think it's called Just One You or something like that.
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  • Carter's and her Gerber newborn onesies still fit lengthwise. Her disney onesies stopped fitting lengthwise weeks ago.
  • Oh, and I got a couple Carter newborn onesies without feet at Kohl's. Just not sure if they are meant to look like capri's or not haha. They fit otherwise though.
  • Carters and Gerber have the only newborn sizes that fit my little girl. She's long and lean and swims in every other brand.   

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  • Definitely Gerber!!  I find they run small, but I don't have long and skinny kids.  DD2 is in 6-9 Gerber onesies and barely into 0-3 in every other brand.
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  • Carter always worked best for my firstborn. She was super long and skinny. Gerber ran small so she was too long for them, but Carters onsies were the perfect fit
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  • My little guy is almost 12 weeks and always in between sizes. He is long and lean. Ralph Lauren fits him awesome. It can be pricey if you buy at Macy's or other dept stores, but Marshall's and TJmaxx always have it priced so cheap!
  • Carters and gerber! are all that fit my baby!!! long skinny baby! :) and being baggy or a little big is ok. Circo i swear is for over weight babies! the onesie i have basicaly fit my son in the arms and then mid section its HUGE! i could fit two babies in
  • I have the same problem; I can't wait until its warm and we don't need to worry about pants.  I have Carter's and Gymboree pants that fall off after he gets lifted once or twice.  For me what has worked best have been some Baby Mexx outfits.

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  • babyGap!  They actually even have some "skinny" styled pants.
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