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Woombie -Love it or hate it?

What is everyones thoughts on the Woombie?

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Re: Woombie -Love it or hate it?

  • We loved it. We used it after the early days when it was miracle blanket. I would recommend the convertible woombie as a great swaddle transition device :.

    Diaper changes are super easy with the woobie, you just have to deal with a zipper.

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  • Loved it. It was the ONLY thing my little one couldn't break out of, and we tried them all. We even used the woombie with legs until DS was 6 months and started rolling. We will be buying more sizes next time!

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  • We were kind of meh on it- it didn't seem as snug as the swaddle me wraps.  If you have a little houdini, though, they won't be able to bust out of it like a swaddle-me.
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  • image 1026pumpkin:
    We were kind of meh on it- it didn't seem as snug as the swaddle me wraps.  If you have a little houdini, th
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    Love it. I did the escape proof swaddle method (google it), with a receiving blanket around his arms and the woombie over it. It was perfect and made him wide enough to not be able to roll over even though he was rolling while not swaddled.

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  • absolutely loved the woombie. we passed the normal swaddle phase pretty fast, and the woombie gave us quite a few extra months. i was so sad the day we had to retire it!

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    We loved it. My son was able to break out of the Halo swaddle sleep sacks pretty early so the woombie allowed us to keep him swaddled a few more months. I'd definitely use it again. 
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  • Love it. I had the fleece version which seemed less stretchy. No way that LO could break out.
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  • i wanted to like it and we tried every sort of swaddle.  Ended up having best luck with the miracle blanket -- the woombie came up too high on LO's neck and she didn't like it.  We sometimes used a miracle blanket under a regular halo one if it
  • DS (who was only in the 50th percentile) seemed too fat for it.  We ended up using the SwaddleMe.
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