Homeschool for preschool

Our son is a little young for preschool yet I can't help thinking about it anyways. My husband and I would like to give it a go until we get close to kindergarten and then reassess from there. 


I also realize it's a little nuts bc the majority of us didn't have formal schooling until kindergarten and some until first grade and we (for the most part) turned out just fine. The idea of spending $500+ per month for two days a week of preschool at two years old also blows my mind when we can do all of the same things at home with/without our friends and with much more flexibility.


So, that said, what do y'all think about curriculums for preschoolers? I obviously am not interested in anything that is extremely structured but I'd love a centralized place to get coloring sheets and ideas as well as a basic outline of what should be learned from ages 2-5.  

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Re: Homeschool for preschool

  • Check out the 1+1=1 blog. She has tot school (2-3) and up with lots of free worksheets and blog entries about the specific skills they should learn t different times. She is a GREAT resource.

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    Check out the 1+1=1 blog. She has tot school (2-3) and up with lots of free worksheets and blog entries about the s
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  • I second the 1+1 blog and she has a TON of links to other blogs as well.

    I've slowly started working with my 2yr old.

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    Right now we do a lot of play based learning. It is important to do more creative type things at this stage and getting outside.

    I follow DSs lead for now and will try some more lesson type stuff in the fall. He likes to practice his letters and

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  • We also make use of the blogs mentioned.  In addition to that, we picked up a really cool preschool program at a homeschool convention.  It's from Ready Made Preschool.  I can't remember the link to the site, but you can google it, I'm sure
  • I am a kindergarten teacher and plan to homeschool preschool- and possibly even kindergarten. 

     I agree- why would I pay so much money if I can just do it myself? ( I plan to be a SAHM)

     Anyway, I would suggest looking up the

  • Thanks for posting the blog.  We have been working with letter/number puzzles lately, but I have been wanting to add a bit more, since she is starting to recognize many letters now.  
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